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When you talk with our staff you’ll immediately pick up on how much they care.   And our staff are happy, which makes your dog happy and wanting to come back for more. Many staff are studying or have completed qualifications in veterinary nursing, canine behaviour or training.  Together we have experience with shelter dogs, puppy training, bark management, anxiety issues, hyperactivity, toy fixations, chewing and a bunch of other behavioral challenges.  Not all, but many of these can be helped or solved here at doggie daycare.


Hi!  I’m Marian and I work in the background to keep Madame Ma’s in tip top shape, running errands and helping the staff out when I’m needed.  It’s been my dream for a long time to create a daycare for dogs that makes them and their owner’s lives happier and more fulfilled. Oh, and that looks wonderful and styled inside and out! 


Hi!  I’m Rowena, the Matron at Madame Ma’s and I live and breathe dogs, all shapes and sizes. I have 4 beautiful rescue dogs of my own, and as well as being a qualified vet nurse, I’ve run the biggest animal refuge in Kalgoorlie for 20 years.  In my spare time I love taking my own dogs out for adventures, interior design, and crafting new furniture out of old. 


We’re very privileged to have Brittany Rindel who has over 4 years experience working with Kalmpets Doggie Daycare where she specialised in calming and socialising anxious and nervous dogs.  Having run the monthly themes Kalmpets were known for, she understands how important daily stimulation and enrichment activities are to our furbabies.  


Let me introduce our Industry Leading Senior Stylist, Shai-Marie Cheyne.  Shai is the current President of the Grooming associate of WA, a Lecturer in Grooming at Tafe and an extremely high level groomer with experience in the industry for over 19 years. She is a qualified dog trainer and specialises in low-stress handling and conditioning for grooming.

She pioneered her puppy program for introducing your pup (under 20 weeks) to grooming in a fun and positive way and especially enjoys preparing dogs in breed standard clips for shows and competition, or that extra pizzaz when you’re walking down street!  She specialises in Anxious/nervous/stressed dogs, Asian fusion/teddy bear styling, Breed specific styling, Colouring, De-shedding/double coats, Handstripping, and Puppies