We offer the following services to a select group of pampered pooches every weekday.

Doggie Daycare

Temperament check Casual visit Two dogs together for one day
$20 $55 $95


12 Week Package
(1 visit per week)
12 Week Package
(2 visits per week)
Unlimited daycare
for a 4 weeks
Unlimited daycare
for 1 week
Puppy Club
(Socialisation Program)
Unlimited Daycare for the first 5 weeks after adoption
$600 $1100 $680 $200 $1000


We specialise in Anxious/nervous/stressed dogs, Asian fusion/teddy bear styling,
Breed specific styling, Colouring, De-shedding/Double Coats, Hand stripping and puppies.

Our prices for standard treatments are below,
but don’t be afraid to ask for more advanced custom treatments.

Spa Treatments

All spa treatments include wash and blow dry, nails and tips

Full Clip & Trim

Senior Stylist House Stylist
Small: $85 Small: $75
Medium: $95 Medium: $85
Large: $105 Large: $95

Breed Specific Cut & Styling

Senior Stylist House Stylist
Small: $120 Small: $100
Medium: $130 Medium: $110
Large: $140 Large: $120

$60 per hour


$45 – Smooth / Short
All other coats as per Full Clip Pricing

Nails and Tips

Wash and Blow Dry

Small Medium Large
$45 $50 $60

Wash, Blow Dry and Neaten

Small Medium Large
$65 $75 $85

Colouring – dependent on area
$30 for ears / tail

Puppy School

5 weekly classes with our highly qualified, industry leading Dog Trainer

Our classes teach you and your furbaby about socialisation,
communication, leadership, safety, training and how to troubleshoot naughty behaviour.

You will get the tools and assistance you need to raise
this new member of your family.

Our puppy school is specifically for smaller dogs,
letting them meet other puppies in a fun and interactive environment,
in our beautiful high ceilinged Doggy Daycare themed rooms.

Dog Training (Stay tuned!)

Puppy Right Start Consultation

-a one on one consultation with our qualified behavioural trainer
to assess your puppy, examining their levels of socialisation
and obedience to prescribe a development course for its first 9 months.

This is a prudent step if you want to avoid anxiety or aggression later on,
and to raise your furbaby to become a happy, well adjusted dog.

Individual Hourly Sessions & Behavioral Training  POA.

Birthday Parties (Outside of Daycare)

We’ll provide supervision for dogs playing,
clean up any little messes and use of all our facilities.
We can adapt to your needs.
The space is available between 10 – 4 pm on the weekend,
and some weekdays.

Prices start at $120 ph – let us know what you need
and we’ll see how we can work with you.
All prices are incl GST. but excl square processing fee.

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