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Doggie daycare

We’ve made Madame’s varied and interesting for your treasured pooch, putting ourselves in their shoes and thinking, what would a dog like? Dogs spend so much time in isolated at home this is their time to make friends and explore the new, learning the right way to behave with other dogs and how to approach new situations calmly.

We provide Doggie Daycare from 7am – 6pm Tuesday – Friday. We only accept small to medium dogs, and every dog undergoes a temperament test to make sure they’ll fit harmoniously with our other attendees. Our dogs make long lasting friendships, exercise and learn social skills in a gentle nurturing environment. For nearly every dog this is the highlight of their week – they can’t wait to come in to their home away from home. Most clients join memberships and we currently have spots available. Follow this link to find out more or call us to enquire on 08 6381 1781 or mail us.


Madame Ma’s provides grooming on several days of the week. We have a number of very experienced part time groomers. We choose our staff based on their gentle manner with dogs and we believe in low-stress handling and conditioning for grooming.

Teddy Bear Cuts and Asian Fusion Styles
Puppy Cuts
Everyday Casual and Comfort Clips
Breed Specific Styling
De-shedding/double coats

We provide a high level of grooming services on most weekdays (not incl. Monday). We prioritise really listening to what you want, and gentle handling to make grooming a happy experience for your dog. We can deliver a simple wash and blowdry or basic clip right through to a show standard breed clip – Just let us know. Click booking to find out more or call us to enquire on 08 6381 1781.

Our venue

Madame Ma’s beautiful Pastel coloured halls with their indoor gardens and cupcake chic are available on Sundays and Mondays for Doggie Birthday Parties, Launches, Workshops, Photo shoots and get-togethers. It may sometimes be available on Saturday afternoons too. Please call us to enquire on 08 6381 1781

Puppy school

We run Puppy Classes every week on Saturday mornings for an hour at 10.30 am and 12.  Generally our earlier class is for puppies who’ve received one vaccination, and held in a disinfected environment. The later class is for puppies who’ve received 2 vaccinations at least 2 weeks ago.

$150 for 4 weekly classes.  We accept puppies that join partway through the series.

Time:  ~60mins
Age (at first class): 8-18 weeks • Up to 2 family members per puppy. More by agreement
*Puppies must bring evidence of having received the appropriate vaccinations for their age.
Vaccinations =  C5 (Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus prevention and kennel cough) vaccination at their first class.  It is requested that younger pups be kept away from strange dogs and high traffic areas 2 days prior to attending the class.

So you’ve welcomed a puppy into your life and you want the absolute best for it. So much can happen with pups, so we’re here to walk with you through your puppy challenges and solve each one as it arises.

You want your furbaby to be well-mannered, happy, get on with other dogs and people and settle in comfortably into your home.  That’s why you’ve come to Madame Ma’s.

Our classes will teach you about dog socialisation, dog communication, safety, training, troubleshooting undesirable behaviour. You will get the tools and assistance you need to raise this new member of your family!

Our puppy school is specifically developed for socialising dogs, letting them meet other puppies in a fun and interactive environment, in our beautiful high ceilinged Doggy Daycare themed rooms.

Your puppy will be taught basic manners and desired behaviours along with important socialisation and development skills.

Puppy Training includes:

How a puppy learns
Training Techniques
Calming Strategies
Developmental stages explained

Basic Manners

Sit, Drop, Stay

Dealing with Challenging Puppy Behaviours

Mouthing and or Biting
Problem chewing
Jumping on people
Separation anxiety
Toilet training
Sleeping arrangements

Our Saturday classes are run by the highly regarded Nat from Dog Dialogue who is a very experienced professional dog behavioural expert.  We are very privileged to host her classes.