Madame Ma’s Terms and Conditionsgrannyflatstoyou


  1. Purpose of this Document

These are the terms and conditions under which your dog will attend the Madame Ma’s dog daycare facility operated by Madame Ma’s Pty Ltd.

Requirements for attending god daycare

  • Before your dog attends dog daycare
  • Your dog must have attended a trial day of dog daycare at your cost;
  • You must have given Madame Ma’s a current vaccination certificate for your dog
    • Accurate information regarding whether your dog is neutered or spayed must be supplied.
    • For the welfare of all dogs attending dog daycare it is essential that the facility is kept flea free. You may be asked to remove your dog from daycare if your dog has fleas.
    • Your dog must wear a collar and be on a lead when entering or exiting the Madame Ma’s dog daycare facility.
    • If your dog requires medication to be administered at dog daycare you must complete the Madame Ma’s administration of medication consent form.
    • If your dog is accepted into dog daycare and is subsequently found by an acting Madame Ma’s Matron be behaviorally incompatible with other dogs attending the dog daycare, you may be asked to remove your dog from dog daycare. In this instance our appointed behavioral trainer can provide a behavioral strategy which you can implement with your dog in an attempt to return to dog daycare. Return to dog daycare will be subject to a further behavioral screening at your cost, and a 2 month probationary period.
    • All decisions made by Madame Ma’s regarding the suitability of your dog for dog daycare are final. If your dispute any decision made by Madame Ma’s staff you may escalate your dispute for consideration by the proprietor.
  1. Whilst your dog is at dog daycare
    • The Madame Ma’s dog daycare comprises a number of different zones. Your dog will be allocated to a particular one based upon its social compatibility. However, you acknowledge that dogs can behave unpredictably and that your dog may be injured whilst attending a dog daycare.
    • Madame Ma’s staff will administer first aid for minor injuries and you consent to this occurring. However, incidents may arise which may require care of your dog at a veterinary clinic. You consent to your dog being taken to the local available Veterinary clinic for such care to be provided. You must pay the veterinary clinic for all costs associated with the veterinary services administered by them.
  2. Drop off and collection of your dog
    • Madame Ma’s operating hours are from 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
    • If you do not pick up your dog by 6.00pm you may be required to pay a late charge for every 15 minutes (or part of 15 minutes) after 6.00pm.
    • If you notify Madame Ma’s before 5pm that you are unable to collect your dog, a member of staff may be able to drop your dog to its home and a fee of $80 will be levied for transport, inconvenience and out of hours associated care.
    • If your dog remains uncollected by 6.30pm your dog will be relocated to a staff member’s house overnight, and a fee of $150 will be levied for transport, inconvenience and out of hours associated care.
  3. What you pay for dog daycare
    • The charges to be paid by you for dog daycare and other services provided by Madame Ma’s are stated in the pricing schedule published at http://www.Madame
    • Madame Ma’s may change the pricing schedule from time to time and these changes will be published on the website.
  4. How you pay for dog daycare
    • Your dog will be booked to attend dog daycare on the day(s) agreed upon. You may not change the day(s) unless agreed to in writing by Madame Ma’s.
    • You must pay all dog daycare charges by purchasing prepaid packages for dog daycare attendances, which will be deducted for each day your dog attends daycare. Alternatively, you may pay at the time your dog attends daycare.
  5. How you can suspend your payments or cancel your dog´s attendance
    • If you are planning to be away you may suspend your dog’s attendance for a maximum of 2 weeks by giving prior written notice to Madame Ma’s before losing your allocated dog daycare position.
    • You may cancel your dog’s attendance at dog daycare at any time by provide 2 weeks prior written notice to Madame Ma’s.
  6. Madame Ma’s liability to you
    • To the full extent permitted by law, Madame Ma’s liability to you in connection with these terms and conditions is limited to:
  7. In the case of goods:
    • The replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods;
    • The repair of the goods;
    • The payment of the cost replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods or
    • The payment of the cost of having the goods repaired; or
  8. In the case of services:
    • The supplying of the services again; or
    • The payment of the coast of having the services supplied again
  9. Privacy and marketing
    • You acknowledge and agree that all the photographic images or digital recordings taken of the Madame Ma’s dog daycare facility, dogs attending the facility and customers, together with their prints and the copyright in those images and the recordings are Madame Ma’s property. Madame Ma’s may reproduce, alter and publish the images, in print or electronic format without compensation to you and you waive the right to approve the publication of the finished image.
    • Madame Ma’s is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information collected by Madame Ma’s will be held in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. You consent to Madame Ma’s disclosing your information to any veterinary surgery attended by your dog for the purposes identified in these terms and conditions.
    • You consent in accordance with the Spam Act 2003 to Madame Ma’s and its affiliates contacting you for marketing and promotional purposes. If you don’t wish to be contacted please tick the box indicated below.
  10. General
    • Madame Ma’s is always looking to provide the best services to its clients and may from time to time need to close the dog daycare to implement improvements and upgrades to the facility. You will be given prior notice of any closures and will be refunded for any dog daycare charges that you have to paid in advance for the day(s) that the dog daycare facility is closed.
    • Madame Ma’s can transfer the agreement between you and Madame Ma’s to a person, firm, or company at any time. Madame Ma’s will give you 14 days ´prior written notice of any transfer.
    • These terms and conditions may be changed at any time by Madame Ma’s. Madame Ma’s will notify you of any changes.
    • Madame Ma’s will provide you with notices under these terms and conditions at the email address nominated by you above. You must send any notices to Madame Ma’s at
    • Any notices given under these terms and conditions will be deemed to be delivered upon receipt of an email delivery receipt by the sender, a copy of which must be kept by the sender.
    • Western Australia law governs these terms and conditions and you consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction at the Western Australian courts for resolution of any disputes under or in connection with these terms and conditions.
    • These terms and conditions and any documents referred to in these terms and conditions make up the whole agreement between Madame Ma’s and you.
  11. Your agreement with Madame Ma’s
    • These terms and conditions are accepted by you by signing below, or are deemed accepted by you by your conduct in payment of any dog daycare charges and sending your dog to dog daycare.
    • You understand that by accepting these terms and conditions you are entering into an agreement with Madame Ma’s on the terms and conditions
    • Your agreement with Madame Ma’s continues until you cancel your dog’s attendance at dog daycare or Madame Ma’s requires your dog to be removed from dog daycare, in accordance with these terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are can be read and acknowledged when you follow the links to register an Account with Madame Ma’s Doggie Daycare.  This is necessary step to book your furbaby in for a temperament test and for daycare.  Click on Account in the main menu to set up your Madame Ma’s account.