Madame Ma’s goes to the State Tribunal


Guess where we went this week???

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, an update on the battle for Madame Ma’s Doggie Daycare to get permissions.  In May, after the commissioners’ decisions at the council we went straight to SAT (State Appeals Tribunal) to… you’ve guessed it, appeal our case.  And phew, SAT is a long process! Though, mind you, they’ve been super supportive the whole way through.  After their first meeting they sent us back to the Council, to see if they could see the light.  When this didn’t work, we scheduled a Hearing.  And it turned out to be a very formal hearing indeed.

 After 3 month’s preparation, myself and the two experts we’d employed turned up in our suits, with folders full of our research and previous cases- everything we thought we’d need to know about dog daycares, west perth where the site is, and legislation.  One expert specialised in noise, and the other in town planning matters.  Over the course of 2 days we gave evidence the best we could, and so did ‘the opposition’, who were the advocate and experts the council had employed. I felt like I was right in the middle of Ally McBeal or Suits, and it so impressive watching people do something they’re so good at.  Like legal magicians.   I think I was star-struck.

We started off the first day with a site tour and even visited the balconies of local residents to look down on the Madame Ma’s building (581 Murray St).  It occurred to me how sad and down-and-out the outside looks before we paint and decorate it.  I can’t wait to make the neighbourhood look much neater by sprucing it up.

Anyhow, by the time it came to the end of the hearing on Friday evening they’d told us  the verdict could take quite a while to be made.  Booooo.  So now I’m on tender-hooks waiting to see how we all went.  I feel for our team, who are, like me, having to balance their life as we wait to pour our heart and soul into Madame Ma’s and get our doors open.

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