Update On The Permit Journey


We would like to update all our awesome followers on our journey of opening the only and best doggie daycare in West Perth.

The last few month Marian has been working extremely hard running numbers, gathering information and working with other professionals to get what we need for our Approval to operate the Daycare business.

In March Marian attended our first monthly meeting with the council. While we didn’t get the outcome we hoped for, we were given tips on what further information was required to help us convince and obtain our approval.

During April Marian spoke to a number of other daycares that had city locations across the country to hear their story about their approval and experiences along with how the manage our councils biggest concern, noise control. 

On April 23rd Marian presented to the city of Perth commissioner to assure them that our noise levels would comply with noise regulations. 

The following week on the 30th we attended what we hoped to be our last monthly meeting with the council, but as most of you may know we were unable to get the attending city of Perth commissioners to move in our favour. We’re now working on additional measures to meet the regulatory requirements. 

We thank you all for your heartwarming public support, and the member of the public who stood up for what we’re doing here in West Perth in at the last council meeting. Their moving speech about what our BOUTIQUE high class business will be doing not only for the community but also to beautify the building was so encouraging. 

Here is a link to one of a few articles regarding the latest council meeting by The Voice Perth.

We would like to thank everyone that has been supporting us so far and we hope to bring some good news to you all soon. Our fight is not over, with the love and support from Perth residents along with support from certain council members we will not be giving up anytime soon! 

Lots of love, 
The Madame Ma’s Team 💕

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